Daniel is off work for a few days.

Just a quick note. Daniel has picked up a bad strain of Flu here and will be off work for a few more days. Those of you trying to get hold of him for the last few days will have noticed that he is not available.

As Daniel is the primary source of contact for many of our customers we realise some of you may have been left wondering whats going on.

All orders are being shipped as normal from our warehouse, our office is still open as usual and production in the factory is continuing as normal. If you have any generic queries regarding an existing order please email Carla@youngmoneychina.com.

We hope he will be back in a few days, I think he has been overworking himself.



About youngmoneychina

Daniel Cassidy, Male, 28, Half English, Half Malaysian, Half machine. Moved to China to live my dream and set up an export company from scratch. Here is my blog documenting the life of a serial importer looking to go to the "next level" by moving to China.
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6 Responses to Daniel is off work for a few days.

  1. Hugh says:

    All the best Daniel, hope your drifting on all cylinders in time for Xmas!

    Test up and get better soon!


  2. Liam says:

    That sucks, get well soon Daniel. Tell him to slow down a bit when he gets back on his feet! 🙂

  3. Sid says:

    hey, I have been following this blog for last couple of weeks and really enjoy it! I also live in guangdong, and can advice some medicine for him, Pei Pa Kao! is the best coughing syrip, and 999 Ganmao Geli is a kind of chinese lemsip, both are really good for flu and cold type symptoms! hope Daniel gets well soon!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi I have been reading your blog from the start. Just want to say its a great blog and I hope you get well soon!

  5. Allen( Kelvin) says:

    hey Dan, hope you had said goodbye to the flu!
    Where will you celebrate this Christmas?
    May be you had already packed up for the flight to Heathrow airport.
    Merry Christmas !

  6. Paul says:

    Get well soon Dan,

    All the best and hope you still make it home for Christmas !

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