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If you clicked this then I am hoping you have found my story so far interesting and you want to get in touch for a chat or to ask me about some of the products/factories that I’m working with.

Maybe you want to ask me to keep my eye out for something, maybe you want to see a sample, maybe you want to ask me out?

I’m more than happy to chat to anyone, for a start no one here speaks English so it will keep me busy on an evening and maybe we can even do some business.

I’m from the UK but obviously I am in China full time now. I will probably be back in the UK once every 2/3 months but I still have a staffed warehouse there that I am sending product back to.

Here are the best ways to get in touch for the moment.

Email –

Whatsapp messenger on iPhone – best way (available on this 24/7 but txt me first so I can add you):

+ 86 152 1888 5766 – triple 8 is a lucky Chinese number right?!

Skype (available almost 24/7):


Mobile Phone number in China:

+ 86 152 1888 5766

If you have a simple question that you think may appeal to other readers then maybe just ask it below in the comment box, I will reply within 12 hours.

Get in touch, you will either get hold of me or maybe this juice seller in the hat, either one of us will have something interesting to say I’m sure…



36 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Andy Gipson says:

    While you out there checking out in car stuff, could you ask in they can produce booththooth pick up for phones which is wired directly into the build in car speakers via an amplifier, with no visible sign that anything is installed. I have made a wired version with 3.5 jack cable from blanking plate , phone sits in cradle on charge. I cant seen to get bluetooth version anywhere

    I have a softtop with a blanking panel over the whole – forgot to take front off my stereo TWICE, so someone else took the front and the unit

    phone can handle the music and radio stations and i can get an app written that gives you the option to voice control the music player on the phone when the bluetooth connects. “music on” “music Off”
    cant be doing with car radios cd or memory sticks anymore phone is always in pocket with bluetooth on

    just an idea dont know if you could find one over there


    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I have never heard of a product like this but it’s not uncommon technology, for instance all the gps head units I have sourced have this feature.

      I can only imagine that the majority of people will have a head unit of some type fitted and as you know it acts as pretty much a hub to connect all the speakers together in unison so I assume you would still need a head unit of some type to get the Bluetooth to sync with all the speakers at the same time with without physically having to hardware them which will be out of the way of most consumers.

      Maybe email me some details of the prototype you made and we can go from there.



  2. Craig Inglis says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I think what you have done takes guts.. well done to you!

    I work for a bank, however, I am keen to take a 3 week holiday soon to get out to China or even Brazil to see what goods I can source and bring back to the UK or sell globally.

    It would be great to stay in contact to see how things are going at your end and perhaps share ideas with you to see if there is any mileage in them.

    It’s always great to have somebody on the ground and like you says, there’s so many fakes going about.

    I look forward to your next blogs!


    • Hi Craig,

      Thanks for saying so, it was definately an up haul moving here but happy I decided to go for it.

      Good to hear your thinking of getting into this area, I don’t know anything about importing from brazil but I know there are a lot of people here from brazil exporting electronics and phones.

      Happy to discuss your ideas with you please just drop me an email.

      Good luck


  3. mark says:

    hi dan

    love the blog ,doing the next best thing to you and loving it.

    i wish to discuss chinese suppliers and cutting my current middle man…can you help??


    p.s tried to add you via msn but it doesn’t like you above address, mine is

  4. Scott Featherstone says:

    Dan, u nutter, Tino just showed me your blog. Get some of that wing chun style down yer- its not a bad little system. See you when you get back to the UK.

    • Hi Scott,

      Good to hear from you and hope you and the family are good. Yeah my friend here here has a wing chun martial arts studio so im getting more interested in it.

      Take care mate.

  5. Mike Douglass says:

    Tried to reply to your email mate but it bounced back saying your inbox was full.

    get in touch about that order


  6. NELSON says:

    Hi. Your blog was quite interesting and i think you are smart business man.Anyway, i have business proposition for you which i will send to mail. by the way, am nelson

  7. mudassir says:

    Hey daniel ,
    I m interested in selling these automobiles products….. But what I lack is I don’t have a market … Lol ! Sound stupid but thts the truth ! What are ur opinions on tht …

    • Hi,

      Ok lets see what we can do here. From your email address i assume you are in Malaysia? This is a market i know something about.

      Please email me and i will help you find the best products for your country.


  8. Nazir says:

    Hi, I notice that you act as a purchasing agent for china. I bought a lot of items from china online and almost always get the wrong quality and I always have the feeling that they didn’t send me the best product quality. I would like to know what is the minimum in terms of purchases that you would source products in china for someone. I know you are busy but look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Nazir,

      Thanks for getting in touch and im sorry you have had issues buying from China in the past.

      I would be interested in discussing your needs with you further, please drop me an email and we will see if we can do some business together.


  9. Hi
    I from Bangladesh and have apparel trading house. i want to how can you help me to do business in UK

  10. mwngroup says:


    So happy to read your blog and stories. How do you know the wire and mesh netting products market in UK? My name is Bruce and i am the director of a Mesh Wire Netting company in China.

    I am hoping there is chance to work with you, please can you contact me.
    Best regards,


    • Hi Bruce,

      Thank you for getting in touch.

      I could be interested in working with you and would like to discuss representing your products in the UK market.

      Please send me an email to see what is possible.

      My email address is on the contact me page of my website.



  11. Dave says:

    Hey Daniel,
    Do you sell on to people yourself i.e, do you have a list of products for me to buy from you to sell on? Or is it sourcing on behalf of others only?

  12. Anonymous says:


    I have sent you an email about sourcing product I have had no reply?


  13. Qing Xu says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I saw your information on the UKBF and clicked your website just curiously.
    First have to say that you are very brave just packed and came to China.
    I have own products (stylish outdoor furniture) and our factory locates in Guangdong.
    But I am developing some trade business overseas (just like you do here in China).
    Maybe we can have possibility to cooperate with each other.

    Like to hearing from you.

    Qing Xu

  14. Tino lugano says:

    Hi Dan how is it going?
    just wanted to find out how far have you have got with the web site that we had discussed?
    drop me a line mate!!

  15. Hasan Shafiq says:

    Hi Daniel I have sent you an email regarding some products etc

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  16. Griff says:

    Hi Daniel
    thinking of diping my toe into the import business and sell on ebay . You seem a nice enough guy,
    but how does it really work, lets say I want to flog electric tooth brushes for example.
    How does the process start.
    At what stage do i send the money to you, At what stage do I recieve the brushes.
    Do you show me samples or is it all based on trust. How many people in the UK do you deal with and would you be prepared to offer their contact details.
    Good luck by the way it is all very exciting
    Griff UK

  17. Alex says:

    Hi Daniel, I sent you an email and added you on Skype. I realize it’s a holiday week so please get back to me when you’re available.


  18. Mark says:

    Hey Daniel,

    Just sent an email, I realize it’s a pretty hectic time for everyone currently, but I’d like to see if we are able to create a mutually beneficial situation with an opportunity I have.

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