My Services

What can i do for you?

In summary I am able to:

– Source the product that you require – Any product from any market sector.

– Ensure the quality is to your standards and consistent across the entire shipment.

– Negotiate a price with the Factory or Supplier within your budget.

– Arrange the packing and shipment of the goods to your door.

– Handle any warranty issues on your behalf with the Factory.

– Provide all paperwork required and essentially help you maximise the return from your investment.


I moved to China from Darlington in the UK after 8 years of importing into the UK. I knew there was a gap in the market to offer a streamlined and simplified solution for wholesale buyers to buy directly from China from a trusted source. I decided to take the leap and set up my own export company in China. The process I offer is simple – Tell me what you want, we will send it to you. No hassle.


I have a UK warehouse and supply many English speaking customers across the world from here in China. My experienced staff here in our China office assist me in providing a price sensitive and efficient service utilising the best local amenities. Read about my office HERE. My recent acquisition of a garment factory ensured any garment requests are dealt with in the most factory direct way possible. Read about my factory HERE. Shipping is available to most countries by air within 7-10 days using FedEx or DHL. I take care of all the paperwork and details involved for Sea freight consignments and arrange shipment to your warehouse or local port.

Product Sourcing.

I have built up a strong network of connections here giving me access to a wide range of goods, I believe I am able to source any item you need at a price that gives you a “double money” potential, please send me an product link and a target price via email and i will get you a price and sample within a few days.

I carry out factory visits to make sure you and I are happy with the people we are working with and that they can produce to a standard we require. For an example of this please click HERE

I have an already broad product knowledge and currently serve quite a spectrum of customers – from ladies fashion retailers in Brazil to a GPS company in East Europe, you will be surprised at the type of goods I already work with.

As well as sourcing specific products to various trades I also stock and supply a range of niche market items suitable for resale on eBay and Amazon. All these items are carefully researched using sales analysis software so I am confident in both the volume and margin available.

Quality Assurance.

All my products are hand selected by me to a quality the British consumer would be happy with. Too many times in the past I have ordered from China and received a sub-standard product that my Chinese supplier deemed as perfectly acceptable. That is why I moved here, to ensure all goods come up to standard.

I stand by all my products and would only sell what I would use myself. I carry out quality control of every item dispatched and will assist directly with any warranty claims with the factories I use. For an example of this please click HERE

I can ensure all products meet any local legal requirements for the country that you specify. Products may be re-branded to suit your company.


I believe I offer the most competitive pricing because of my buying experience and low overheads. The prices I quote to you for the products you request includes my margin which covers the sourcing of your products, liaising with factories and suppliers, the quality control of the products, shipment arrangement to your door and the paperwork required.

If your interested in discussing what i can do just in touch via the contact me page, I am more than happy to help you out if your a first time importer or assist you streamlining your existing import business.