Work with YMC

Interested in doing business with YMC?

If you have a specific product or idea you would like help working with then great, get in touch and lets do it. If your still looking for that golden idea then this second option might be for you?

With me living and working in China I have one great advantage – I can buy a wide spectrum of quality goods direct from the factories I am dealing with on a day to day basis.

For you living in your own country, be it the UK or USA, you also have a great advantage – You can tap into a ready and eager market while offering fast dispatch times and excellent customer service.

Together I believe we can offer the best possible quality goods from china at a price which is fiercely competitive to the current market.

eBay is a great platform for sales. I have spent years in the UK taking advantage of this and its one of the things I miss. Now im working here in China I am solely dedicated to product procurement and I’m looking for a small handful of partners to add to my growing network of key sellers.

How it works.

I research various product niches to find top selling items bringing sellers consistent sales and steady income. If you have a specific niche we can work on it together in a confidential manner.

I source these goods in China from factories and trade suppliers. Each product is heavily scrutinised for quality and i negotiate the price to gain the pest possible margin.

The goods are then purchased by me and quality control is carried out.

The goods are packed and shipped to my location in Guangzhou. Each product is individually packed into mailing bags and labelled ready for them to be sent to individual customers. From here the goods are ready for shipping into your country.

Once quantities and payment from you has been arranged I organise for the goods to be safely packed and shipped to your country by air. All paperwork is taken care of by me here and the goods take around 7 days to get to the UK. International buyers may see a slight fluctuation but 10 days is the max freight time.

The goods then arrive with you where your responsible for the sale and customer liaisons.

You will enjoy a gross margin of around 50% on all goods we work with together.

Each niche you buy from me is exclusive to you and I will not sell it to anyone else within your sales territory country. This helps protect your margin and minimises your competition meaning you can achieve maximum sales and re order the stock time and time again.

What I need from you.

You must be an active and valued member of the eBay community with a Top Rated Seller account or accounts in good standing and with no restrictions.

You must be open minded in the goods that you sell an listen to the sales maths on which products really move.

You must be able to handle high volume orders.

You must be ready to make an investment of 2-5000 GBP for stock.

You will receive bi monthly shipments from me of hot selling eBay items that you can make real profit from.

Whats the catch?

This is the internet afterall, there is always a catch right? Well no, not this time.

I am a straight and honest guy, I have moved here to make money – I am not hiding that fact. Along with the general sourcing and supplying I am doing I see this as an amazing way of making an additional income. The truth is that you can too.

All products are none brand name and obviously completely legal covering a very wide market from dresses to machinery.

I am not so much interested in selling stock I am interested in developing close long term relationships with a very small handful of people that will hopefully develop in time into something quite exciting.

Want an example of the type of goods you might sell?

With some 11,953 units sold at 15.99 GBP eBay item number 380199277593 is a great seller, take a look for yourself.

With 4,062 unit sold at 26.61 GBP item number 200664302441 is another great item i have here waiting to sell.

I have about 80 items like this ready to go, only one thing is missing from the equation……… You.

Ready to make some real money from real opportunity? Please contact me via the contact me page. I am looking for several new partners at the moment.


20 Responses to Work with YMC

  1. Jam says:

    Just sent an email Dan, looking forward to your reply 🙂

  2. Waheed says:

    Just sent you an email.


  3. Louie Nesheiwat says:

    interested, I would like to start a new business in Jordan.

  4. Tawan says:

    Hey Daniel,

    I am interested in working with you and finding a product that I can sell here in the US on ebay. I’m ready anytime you are the holiday season is around the corner its time to make some money 🙂 please contact me on MSN or Email.



  5. Toby Seeman says:


    Can you ping me a whatsapps in regards to the above when you are free?



  6. dave says:

    hi i am interested coming to china soon. dave east london .do you have skpe? ebay can make big money also new websites

  7. Vencislav says:

    I have sent you an email Daniel, hope will get reply

  8. Joao says:

    Are you interested in working with a Brazilian guy?

  9. Joe says:

    Hi Dan, just sent you an email, looking to chat properly on whatsapp soon. jwackah

  10. abhi says:

    hi daniel

    looking for your reply as there is lot to do in india……

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